Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a3 counter attack

just hanging out workin on the old house. :-) been working on the dutch system a bit. having trouble with

d4, f5
a3, Nf6

computer says go ahead and grab dem pawns. so i do. but then trouble is not far behind usually with a Q comming and rooks and all sortsa unleashed madness.

:-) i love puzzles!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dutch Treat

just got the leningrad dutch book by some german guy in english. hmmm...

so its dutch, russian, german and english. just like me. :-) if only my american indian ancester chief kickbutt was in there someplace it would really be like me!

well, anyway it looks pretty interesting, you know what you are going to play against d4 and a couple of the other starts you can use it too. some people think its not too good so thats also the kind of stuff i like.

in other news we have started to look for houses in ohio, so if any of you want a tour of the football hall of fame... :-)